The Platform That Reimagines Virtual and Hybrid Congresses - without 3D

... But with Happy Participants

Virtual or hybrid academic conferences that use our solution focus on high-quality content and successful exchange so participants can benefit from all the advantages of the digital space.

Combined with an easy navigation and end-to-end personal support, your virtual and hybrid congresses become first-class experiences.

Organize Lively Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

When you organize a virtual or hybrid conference or congress, protecting your participants' data and processing personal information in accordance with data protection regulations is particularly important.

Our solution therefore is 100% GDPR-compliant and we handle all personal data responsibly.

Who Is Using the Virtual Venue?

By now, 30,000 participants have already entered the Virtual Venue to attend a conference. Here's a small selection of the more than 100 virtual or hybrid conferences that have recently used our software or will do so soon.


Impress Your Attendees with Your Virtual or Hybrid Conference

We will be happy to give you a detailed presentation of our Virtual Venue platform and tell you how your upcoming digital or hybrid conference will benefit from using our virtual solution.