Virtual and Hybrid Conferences Are Much More Than Just Online Presentations

Our Range of Solutions

A varied and diverse program is the core of every successful conference that gets even better when participants are actively involved in shaping it.

That’s why the Virtual Venue, our professional all-in-one solution for virtual and hybrid conferences and congresses, combines video technology and networking – and turns your event into an impressive online experience.

Live or pre-recorded
Individual parts of the conference program can be made available as livestreams or pre-recorded videos.
Live participation
Live formats enable participants to give direct feedback, ask questions and put the focus on interesting content.
Content archive
A recording of the stream can be made available to everyone when the live broadcast has ended.
File upload
Provide documents such as abstracts, presentation slides and other material by uploading it to the Virtual Venue.
Text, audio and video chats
Participants use the chat features to exchange ideas in pairs or groups. If someone is busy, a later date for a meeting can be scheduled.
Based on participants’ research interests, the system suggests people who are interested in the same topics or working in the same field.
Who else is taking part?
Everyone can see who else is participating in individual sessions.
Personal area
In their personal area, participants can see which sessions are coming up next and reply to personal messages from others.
Let participants choose
Participants can decide for themselves, if they want to receive contact suggestions and who can view their personal profile details.
Questions & answers
Participants ask questions to the presenters directly. Everyone can then vote on the questions so that those with the most ratings appear on top.
Include participants
Participants discuss and comment on sessions, take part in surveys or rate scientific posters.
Parallel breakout sessions
In smaller groups, participants can discuss special topics and collect their ideas on a shared digital whiteboard.
Moderated content
As an option, you can decide that posts written by participants will only be visible once they’ve been reviewed by a moderator.
Virtual conference analytics
After the conference, we will provide you with the most important figures and statistics on clicks, ratings, messages and activity on the conference platform.
Poster upload
Posters the committee has accepted will be uploaded and become part of the digital poster gallery.
Chat and video meetings
The poster authors can answer questions they’ve received in written form or discuss their work in a video meeting.
Rate posters
Participants can give stars to each poster. You can then use the ratings to determine the winner for a poster prize.
Comprehensive sponsor profiles
Everything a sponsor offers can be found on their profile in the form of texts, images, videos, downloads and links to external sources.
Banner ads
Help your sponsors to spread their messages by placing banners in different areas of the Virtual Venue.
Sponsored sessions
With sponsored sessions, sponsors and exhibitors will become part of the regular conference program and gain additional visibility.
Schedule meetings
Participants can get in touch with sponsors and plan a scheduled video meeting with them.
Sell tickets
Our conference management solution Converia helps you to sell conference tickets incl. different price groups and special offers.
Payment and abstract management
At the same time, Converia also enables you to process participants’ payments and manage academic papers researchers can submit.
Seamless data transfer
Converia and the Virtual Venue are using the same data basis which guarantees that your conference data will be perfectly synchronized at all times and safe as our solutions are 100% compliant with the EU GDPR.
Project management
A dedicated project manager from our team will take care of your conference and will be your personal contact for all sorts of questions.
In-depth onboarding
To make sure your virtual or hybrid conference is off to a smooth start, we will provide you with a detailed instruction, practical tips and helpful advice.
Technical support
We prefer to help you directly whenever there’s a technical question and will also be happy to provide you with standby support during the conference.
We offer detailed online trainings to show you how you successfully manage virtual and hybrid conferences with our software.
The Virtual Venue strictly adheres to all legal regulations in order to protect participants’ personal data and to process it fully in line with the EU GDPR.
Safe hosting
Your virtual or hybrid conference’s data are stored on servers located in Germany. For extra secure sessions, we offer BigBlueButton, a tool that is hosted on our own servers.
Manage access rights
Only registered attendees can take part in the conference. You can easily manage which parts of the program participants can access by creating different attendee groups.

Start Planning

Get to know our Virtual Venue platform. We will be happy to show you what your virtual or hybrid conference can look like. Our team will accompany you before, during and after the conference and provide you with answers, support and useful advice.